Alumni Postcard Profile - January 2019

2018 communications alumnus Sean Lynch has been "body-slamming" his way to the top as the Commercial Associate Director for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). You can find Sean on headset behind the scenes at SmackDown and Raw directing the camera operators. Managing roughly 12 cameras, Sean needs to ensure that his operators are where they need to be for certain aspects of each show. You think John Cena's entrance always looks incredible? Sean and his team have specifically set the camera angles to make that entrance what you see live on television.
Sean feels that his position at WWE was made possible immensely due to what Misericordia has done for him. He credits Dr. Melissa Sgroi and the MU communications departmentfor his success as Dr. Sgroi put such a large emphasis on his "experiences" while at Misericordia. Sean felt encouraged to go out and get as many internships as possible which clearly paid off. Upon graduating, he had completed four internships…

Alumni Postcard Profile - December 2018

It is a typical night in the Poplawski household- 1998 alumnus Dr. Kevin Poplawski and his wife, Elizabeth, are putting their daughters, Emily and Hailey, to bed, and the girls want to hear their favorite bedtime story. "Eli's Magic Moment!" they cheer. Could you blame them? Since this book was published on November 26, 2017, it has sold about 800 copies; not to mention, the author is Emily and Hailey's hero- their dad.

How does a doctor of physical therapy, who has spent 20 years in Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, find himself as the author of a popular children's book? Kevin will tell you that "you never know where your connections will take you." Night after night, Kevin would make up fun stories to tell his first born, Emily. However, there was one story in particular that she really took a liking to, and Kevin started writing it down. When Kevin struggled to find a publisher for his book, he turned to his mentor from Misericordia, Jeanne Moran. The t…

Alumni Postcard Profile - November 2018

It is 6:00am, and 2010 English alumna Brandi Brace is heading off to bed for a good night's sleep. It might seem strange to us, but it is actually 11:00pm for Brandi who is currently in Finland getting her master's in Internet and Game Studies at the University of Tampere.
It is not every day that you see an English major perusing her master's degree in gaming. Brandi admits that she was never able to settle on one thing that interested her. In fact, she began as a chemistry major at Misericordia, and in her spare time, you would catch Brandi teaching herself various gaming design techniques. However, MU gave Brandi the flexibility to explore everything she was interested in. This flexibility truly provided her with the opportunity to make the English program unique to Brandi.
Brandi has begun to merge her passions of teaching and gaming. She is an adjunct professor at Penn State Wilkes-Barre which allows her the time to design games with her husband, Jeremy. They have quite…

Alumni Postcard Profile - October 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and 2007 OT alumna Bethany McCullough Bondura is a strong supporter of this month of awareness. Bethany got her job in the Lehigh Valley after graduating from College Misericordia, and she has been working at the Lehigh Valley Health Network as an occupational therapist for the past 11 years. She saw breast cancer patients with extreme swelling, due to lymph node removal or trauma from surgery, but realized that no one in her unit was certified to help those individuals. Bethany knew that it would be a lengthy process to get certified in lymphedema therapy, but she was extremely passionate about helping these breast cancer patients as well as others who have lymphedema.

After taking online classes and several weeks of hands-on education, Bethany became a certified lymphedema therapist, and she now works strictly with lymphedema patients. She educates the patients, many of those who had breast cancer, about exercises that support the compromised…

Alumni Postcard Profile - September 2018

From Holy Redeemer High School in Wilkes-Barre, PA to Misericordia University to Paris, France, recent alumnae Leah Santucci ’16 and Emily Halbing ’15 have quite an interesting story. It was not until their years at Misericordia that they crossed paths. English is what brought them together, both working in the Writing Center and on Instress, but English was ironically not their sole focus at MU.

Leah majored in Nursing and minored in English while Emily chose to double major in Psychology and English. Leah now works in Endoscopy at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, and Emily teaches children science, math, and English in South Korea.

How did these two find themselves together in Paris? Leah and Emily were selected to present at the XVIII International Hemingway Conference held in Paris, France from July 22-28, 2018. Misericordia was well represented at this conference with not only these two remarkable alumnae presenting, but also current MU students as well as faculty and staff.

Leah a…

Alumni Postcard Profile - August 2018

PT alumnus, Dr. Charles Stevens, III '10, '13, has put "outpatient therapy on wheels" with his company, Mobile Therapy Services. Charles and his team are currently serving 30-40 active patients in Luzerne and Lackawanna County. Mobile Therapy Services is the only company in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area doing this type of outpatient house-call therapy service. His company has assembled a top-notch team and specializes in Geriatrics, MS/PD, and other neurologic diseases.

He knew that fellow Misericordia alumnae could bring the talent and skills needed to give his patients the best experience possible. Lori Recek Cardinale '95 and Lori Wasilewski Pecuch '98, are graduates of Misericordia's Occupational Therapy program, and are part of the Mobile Therapy Services team.

Charles accredits the guidance of the Physical Therapy department at Misericordia for pushing him to always strive for excellent care. Mobile Therapy Services' Facebook page showcases c…

Alumni Postcard Profile - July 2018

Director of Marketing by day and Furniture Flipper by night, 2017 communications alumna Melanie Quintanilla utilizes her time management skills that she learned while at MU to find success in her post-grad life.
Timing was everything for Melanie. The Paper Shop in Moosic, PA knew about Melanie’s talents in marketing and graphic design before she even received her degree. Melanie transitioned from part time into the full time director role right after graduation. As the Director of Marketing, Melanie has been given the freedom to give the Paper Shop a fresh start. She has been working on the redesign of a brand new website, as well as an app.
When Melanie’s work day ends at the Paper Shop, this young alumna does not simply hang out at home. Melanie also runs a small business with her sister, Natalie, called ‘Find and Beautify.’ The sisters not only refurbish furniture and make it “F.A.B.,” but they also custom-make furniture. Melanie still utilized her communications degree from MU with …