Alumni Postcard Profile - June 2018

She moved her tassel from left to right on Saturday, May 12th, and now the question is Montana or Miss Pennsylvania? 

When 2018 biology alumna, Becky Zaneski (currently Miss Pocono), began her journey at Misericordia University in 2014, she had no issues diving into MU’s charism of service. She has been living with the charism of service in her heart her whole life.

When she is not serving others, she is preparing to compete for the title of Miss Pennsylvania. This month, Becky will compete for the coveted title in Pittsburgh. Since the young age of four thanks to Becky’s mother, Miss Pennsylvania ’91, she has been heavily immersed in the Miss America Organization.

Her platform for Miss Pennsylvania #builtonservice reflects her love for serving others – choosing MU strengthened her desire to help others. “Misericordia was the perfect place for me”, said Becky. 

During her time at MU, she was a part of the Mercy Leaders’ Program for three years, and completed over 700 hours of service. As …

Through the Arch - 2018 Spring Semester Reflection: Kacie, Alexis, and Alec

Question 1: What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?

Kacie Hymers: Achieving dean’s list during my first semester while I was in season.

Alexis D'Amico: Every year the NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language Hearing Association) club at Misericordia organizes a benefit concert that raises money for local individuals with special needs. This year we partnered with the St. Joseph’s Center for our 4th annual benefit concert. Our club has been volunteering at the center all year long, so we thought it was a perfect match to team up with. We raised $2,475 from this year’s concert and the proceeds went towards an adapted foot tricycle for a 6 year old boy with spina bifida and also other equipment used in therapy sessions at the St. Joseph’s Center. As the Vice President of the NSSLHA club here at Misericordia, I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished, not only because of this successful concert, but also all of the volunteer work we’ve done this year. From …

Through the Arch - 2018 Spring Semester Reflection: Ashley, Mike, and Mariah

Question 1: What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?
Ashley Warner: Reflecting on my first year of college, I can say I am proud of achieving a 4.0 gpa in my very first semester and stepping out of my comfort zone by getting involved in clubs and service opportunities. 
Mike Diakunczak: I feel like I have a lot to be proud of when it comes to my second year of college. Some of these big accolades is what I wanted to have before I even came to college. In my sophomore season for Misericordia Football, I got a lot closer with a good number of guys I stepped on the field with my freshman year; creating strong bonds with guys I knew and even most of the freshmen that came in this year. I find that a huge accomplishment because as a team, we go through everything side by side and you might as well create a brotherhood out of it; which I am lucky to say I have. In addition, I earned my way to have playing time in 4 games during the season; one game being my first co…

Misericordia Alumnus Swings for the Fences, and Succeeds


Through The Arch - Meet Kacie Hymers!

Major:Medical Science (pre PA)

Hometown: Oneonta, NY

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Women’s Soccer, Relay for Life, Student Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Program (SOAR), Guaranteed Placement Program, and Intramurals.

I really liked the feel on campus. The small friendly community made it feel like home immediately.

My dreams are to find a career where I am excited to go to work every day because I enjoy what I am doing.

My favorite professor so far has been Dr. Edwards because she always goes out of her way to make sure that students understand a concept if they come to her for help.

A fun fact about me is that I have a sister that goes to Misericordia as well.

Through The Arch - Meet Mariah Laubach!

Major:Occupational Therapy

Hometown: Berwick, PA

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Misericordia University Cheerleading team, MSOTA (OT club)

I chose Misericordia because when I first visited campus, it just seemed like home to me. I began looking into attending Misericordia when I decided that I wanted to major in OT and saw that they have an outstanding 5-year Masters program here for OT. On my visits, everyone here was so welcoming and friendly that I knew I wanted to spend the next five years of my life here at
Misericordia, and be able to blossom and grow within this family like environment.

As an OT student here at Misericordia, my obvious dream is to make it through all the hard work and time to graduate and become an absolutely amazing Occupational Therapist. I will be satisfied working in any practice field of OT, but I would ultimately love to work in pediatrics or the mental health field. Besides that, my hopes are just to be happy and be able to flouri…

Through The Arch - Meet Alec Aversa!

Major: Double Major in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Statistics

Hometown: Thornhurst, PA

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Residence Housing Association, Students Today, Alumni Forever, Student Outdoor Adventure and Recreation (SOAR) Leader, Resident Assistant for the 2018 school year, Member of the Math and Computer Science Club, Tutor of Math Concepts and Statistics, Tennis Player, Light OP and work study for Theatre Production, Member of Campus Ministry

When looking for a college, I had a few key criteria for the perfect school. Firstly, I wanted to find a program that would challenge me so that I could increase my understanding of the topics I am interested in. When I saw that Misericordia offered a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, I instantly thought it was a perfect fit. From there, I realized that it had everything else I wanted; It is a small school with a tight knit community that is very accommodating, realistic, and hos…