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Through The Arch - Meet Kacie Hymers!

Major:Medical Science (pre PA)

Hometown: Oneonta, NY

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Women’s Soccer, Relay for Life, Student Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Program (SOAR), Guaranteed Placement Program, and Intramurals.

I really liked the feel on campus. The small friendly community made it feel like home immediately.

My dreams are to find a career where I am excited to go to work every day because I enjoy what I am doing.

My favorite professor so far has been Dr. Edwards because she always goes out of her way to make sure that students understand a concept if they come to her for help.

A fun fact about me is that I have a sister that goes to Misericordia as well.

Through The Arch - Meet Mariah Laubach!

Major:Occupational Therapy

Hometown: Berwick, PA

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Misericordia University Cheerleading team, MSOTA (OT club)

I chose Misericordia because when I first visited campus, it just seemed like home to me. I began looking into attending Misericordia when I decided that I wanted to major in OT and saw that they have an outstanding 5-year Masters program here for OT. On my visits, everyone here was so welcoming and friendly that I knew I wanted to spend the next five years of my life here at
Misericordia, and be able to blossom and grow within this family like environment.

As an OT student here at Misericordia, my obvious dream is to make it through all the hard work and time to graduate and become an absolutely amazing Occupational Therapist. I will be satisfied working in any practice field of OT, but I would ultimately love to work in pediatrics or the mental health field. Besides that, my hopes are just to be happy and be able to flouri…

Through The Arch - Meet Alec Aversa!

Major: Double Major in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Statistics

Hometown: Thornhurst, PA

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Residence Housing Association, Students Today, Alumni Forever, Student Outdoor Adventure and Recreation (SOAR) Leader, Resident Assistant for the 2018 school year, Member of the Math and Computer Science Club, Tutor of Math Concepts and Statistics, Tennis Player, Light OP and work study for Theatre Production, Member of Campus Ministry

When looking for a college, I had a few key criteria for the perfect school. Firstly, I wanted to find a program that would challenge me so that I could increase my understanding of the topics I am interested in. When I saw that Misericordia offered a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, I instantly thought it was a perfect fit. From there, I realized that it had everything else I wanted; It is a small school with a tight knit community that is very accommodating, realistic, and hos…

Through the Arch - Meet Ashley Warner!

Major:Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Hometown: Reeders, Pennsylvania

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Students Today Alumni Forever, Campus Ministry service trips and volunteer work.

Misericordia University was among my top choices to attend. Primarily, I chose Misericordia for my selective program to obtain a bachelor’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography. Also, the school’s positive environment always makes me feel welcomed and there are service and volunteer opportunities to various sites. Due to the campus’ smaller class sizes, Misericordia provides me with a more personal experience with my professors allowing me to engage in conversations in class and ask questions if I do not understand a topic. This is really important to me because I learn better by discussing the material.

Once I graduate, my plans are to move to a warmer state and seek a career in a hospital as an ultrasound technician. My dreams include owning a few horses and hopefully becoming cert…

Through The Arch - Meet Mike Diakunczak!


Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Proud member of the Misericordia Football team for the past two years (2016-2017 season), junior season is upcoming, Reporter for The Highlandernewspaper and have a column named "Captain's Corner" during the Spring 2018 semester/wrote articles for the paper back in Fall 2017-2018 semester, Played intramural soccer in Spring 2018 Semester, Running for Student Government this semester (Spring 2018)

I chose Misericordia to begin with, if I am going to be honest, is because of the opportunity to play football. No program recruited me better and for the program to be new, it won me over since it gives my current and future teammates to build something here for the program. Moving on from just football, this University is also a few hours away from where I am from. So, being comfortable and to feel at home is something that was required for me and that is exactly what Miseri…

Through The Arch - Meet Alexis D'Amico!

Major: Speech Language Pathology

Hometown: Riverside, NJ

Activities I am involved in at Misericordia University:
Vice President of the University’s National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA), Member of Autism Speaks U - Misericordia University.

The speech program is definitely what convinced me to come to Misericordia. Not only will I receive a master’s degree in 5 years, but the staff and program itself are amazing. I also love the small and cozy environment that Misericordia brings, you feel right at home as soon as you step foot onto campus.

After graduating from Misericordia, I hope to be a speech pathologist in a school close to home. Working in a school seems like a good fit for me because I want to be able to work while also raising a family someday. Hopefully I’ll be able to coach a sport at the school too.

My Phonetics class was probably my favorite class that I’ve taken so far. It’s one of the classes that we have to take for speech and it was definitely the …