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Alumni Postcard Profile - October 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and 2007 OT alumna Bethany McCullough Bondura is a strong supporter of this month of awareness. Bethany got her job in the Lehigh Valley after graduating from College Misericordia, and she has been working at the Lehigh Valley Health Network as an occupational therapist for the past 11 years. She saw breast cancer patients with extreme swelling, due to lymph node removal or trauma from surgery, but realized that no one in her unit was certified to help those individuals. Bethany knew that it would be a lengthy process to get certified in lymphedema therapy, but she was extremely passionate about helping these breast cancer patients as well as others who have lymphedema.

After taking online classes and several weeks of hands-on education, Bethany became a certified lymphedema therapist, and she now works strictly with lymphedema patients. She educates the patients, many of those who had breast cancer, about exercises that support the compromised…