Alumni Postcard Profile - November 2018

It is 6:00am, and 2010 English alumna Brandi Brace is heading off to bed for a good night's sleep. It might seem strange to us, but it is actually 11:00pm for Brandi who is currently in Finland getting her master's in Internet and Game Studies at the University of Tampere.

It is not every day that you see an English major perusing her master's degree in gaming. Brandi admits that she was never able to settle on one thing that interested her. In fact, she began as a chemistry major at Misericordia, and in her spare time, you would catch Brandi teaching herself various gaming design techniques. However, MU gave Brandi the flexibility to explore everything she was interested in. This flexibility truly provided her with the opportunity to make the English program unique to Brandi.

Brandi has begun to merge her passions of teaching and gaming. She is an adjunct professor at Penn State Wilkes-Barre which allows her the time to design games with her husband, Jeremy. They have quite the team with Brandi designing the various levels and Jeremy working on the programming for their company, Atlantic Divide Games. Brandi now instructs a video game culture class at Penn State, and she also works on various programs throughout the summer teaching local youth about video game design.

The game development community in Finland is vast, and Brandi has been using her time there to both expand her knowledge and network. She could not believe that the head of her program is Frans Mäyrä who she refers to as the father of video game studies. It will be very exciting to see what she and her husband have in store for the gaming community in the years to come.


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