Alumni Postcard Profile - December 2018

It is a typical night in the Poplawski household- 1998 alumnus Dr. Kevin Poplawski and his wife, Elizabeth, are putting their daughters, Emily and Hailey, to bed, and the girls want to hear their favorite bedtime story. "Eli's Magic Moment!" they cheer. Could you blame them? Since this book was published on November 26, 2017, it has sold about 800 copies; not to mention, the author is Emily and Hailey's hero- their dad.

How does a doctor of physical therapy, who has spent 20 years in Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, find himself as the author of a popular children's book? Kevin will tell you that "you never know where your connections will take you." Night after night, Kevin would make up fun stories to tell his first born, Emily. However, there was one story in particular that she really took a liking to, and Kevin started writing it down. When Kevin struggled to find a publisher for his book, he turned to his mentor from Misericordia, Jeanne Moran. The two worked closely together to help find Kevin an illustrator and get him on the right path to make his book successful.

Kevin did not stop there. He has already donated over 100 copies of his book to hospitals, libraries, and schools. His book teaches important lessons in teamwork and mentorship, and Kevin believes these themes come from his time at Misericordia. Kevin learned all about teamwork on the soccer field, and he found a wonderful mentor in Jeanne Moran and her husband, Dr. Mike Moran '07. We are all looking forward to the sequel that is already in the works, but in the meantime, Kevin's daughters, Emily and Hailey, are happy sharing the story of Eli with all the young readers out there.


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