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Alumni Postcard Profile - January 2019

2018 communications alumnus Sean Lynch has been "body-slamming" his way to the top as the Commercial Associate Director for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). You can find Sean on headset behind the scenes at SmackDown and Raw directing the camera operators. Managing roughly 12 cameras, Sean needs to ensure that his operators are where they need to be for certain aspects of each show. You think John Cena's entrance always looks incredible? Sean and his team have specifically set the camera angles to make that entrance what you see live on television.
Sean feels that his position at WWE was made possible immensely due to what Misericordia has done for him. He credits Dr. Melissa Sgroi and the MU communications departmentfor his success as Dr. Sgroi put such a large emphasis on his "experiences" while at Misericordia. Sean felt encouraged to go out and get as many internships as possible which clearly paid off. Upon graduating, he had completed four internships…